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Construction Contract Negotiations and Drafting

The foundation of any construction project starts with the contacts between the parties. We regularly negotiate, draft and revise construction contracts for owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors and subcontractors. Experienced counsel is a must to ensure that the agreements are clearly documented. It is also important to consider how each of the contracts in place in a construction project related to one another.

You can count on us to provide seasoned and wise counsel when it comes time to paper your next deal.

Construction Contract Negotiations

Construction Litigation

Sometimes litigation arising out of a construction project is unavoidable. Payment disputes, delays, defective design and construction defects are common causes of these claims. We have extensive experience prosecuting and defending every type of construction litigation claims.

While we always strive to keep our clients out of out of litigation and arbitration, you can be sure that when the time comes to present your case to the judge, jury or arbitrator, we will be a forceful and effective advocate.

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